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SoldierX started this conversation
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Hello SoldierX, I am sorry to hear about your problem and I wish you all the best in your career endeavors and your health. In San Antonio, where I live is a program called Carelink. It is based through the county hospital University Health System. They have their own teaching facility UT Health Science Center and Dental College. The dental college provides all kinds of services to the needy either on a sliding scale based on income and also charity bases that are immediate needs to due overall health. THey do alot for the city for free. I have had root canals done for free by them and they do a great job. The work is done by students but they know what they are doing. They also do the work you need but I think they will only give you dentures not implants. THey also give you all your medications and followups for free too! Look up Dental school in San Antonio Texas University Health System. Maybe they have a school like this in your area? Hope this helps and I wish you all the best. Take good care! Sandy

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